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LogicalCommander RISK HR Solution for private and public sectors

Our company named Logical commander software Ltd, located in israel, developed a system to measure Risk within corporations and organizations in Real Time, this system is in a very high level of exactitude and we measure the organization risk levels and employees' levels (human factor) per person.


Every organization suffers from different and multiple RISK issues independently of the sector, field and organization size. The decision making of how to proceed with the suspicion of a case of risk to the organization, is generally strictly related to a consideration of cost risk, so that by not efficiently identifying the core of the risk, the result tends and can become a greater escalation of the risk, which can take serious damage or devastating dimensions for an organization. Our solution allows any organization to deal immediately with any suspect of risk or any known risk, without turning this solution into a real economic impact consideration, so you will focus only on your organization health, reducing, preventing, monitoring and locating inside risks.

In short:

We recognize levels in the voice, impossible to detect for the human being, including more than 15 parameters of voice emotion levels in real time, to allow better decisions making, lower risks in real time, and detect high organizational impact events / corporate and / or specific crisis events to be dealt with.

What Risks we detect?

Fraud Detection | Bribery and kickbacks | Extortion Cases | Leaks of confidential information | Robbery and stealing | use of illegal drugs | Gambling | Alcohol Consumption | Sexual Harassment | Company Loyalty | Detection of workers' sentiment and emotional status | Personal, organizational and corporate risk detection | Detection of other criminal actions and attitudes such as organized crime, terrorism, sexual harassment, bribes, influence peddling, traffic, child labor and much more!


✓ Pre-employment.

✓ Periodic confidence tests (every 3 or 4 months).

✓ Punctual Risk detection )per need) based on the criteria: when there is doubt, you will remain without doubt.

✓ Daily detection for sentiment and emotional status.


We are in continue development to create more features to the platform and solutions including multiple languages. Waiting for your contact in order to send you a further presentation and do schedule a live presentation later.

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