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Unmotivated workers?


13 may 2022

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A new tool will allow companies to know the factors that generate physical and emotional exhaustion in the workers of any company.

Concerns range from the COVID-19 pandemic, the rising cost of living, political changes, and more.

At times like this, knowing the emotional state of workers becomes a fundamental element for employers to ensure the productivity of companies.

Now employers can know the state of mind of workers in order to prevent risks, yes, from a broader perspective and with a human approach.

This is Emo Risk, which, through artificial intelligence, through a mobile application, provides the option of measuring the emotional state of employees.

"Once the application has been downloaded to the mobile device, each employee must enter the EmoRisk App at the entrance and exit of each working day, expressing any phrase they have in mind in relation to the random question that the application presents them", explained Salvador Ismayel, director of Grupo Innova.

The application generates the organization personalized indicators on the workforce, as well as feedback and statistics, all of this is directed to an administrative platform that can be analyzed by specialists such as psychologists or therapists.

“This is a facility that companies also must identify those workers who stop being productive for a company due to the lack of stimulus, which reduces productivity. It even allows defining the permanence of a worker within the organization.” Ismayel added.

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