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About Logical Commander

LogicalCommander is a software company dedicated to program, innovate, develop and integrate state of the art technologies with multiple sensors and sources of data, from structured and unstructured sources, while processing , fusing and presenting under an advanced uix fusion of multiple source and data into our smart and state of the art platform throughout advanced algorithmic, AI, big data processing and machine learning. LogicalCommander allow our customers to improve in an outstanding way their capabilities, improve considerably their knowledge thanks to fusion of technologies, sensors and data. In this way reduce investing and budgetary costs on solutions and technologies during the years, while LogicalCommander aims to generate to our customers to maintain their technologies during the years, integrating new ones but allowing "old technologies" to do not turn into obsoletes. In a simple sentence: LogicalCommander "squeezes the juice" to provide the maximum from every unit, product, technology and solution.

Notes From CEO

After years of successfully Business in more than 40 countries with governments and private sectors, Matias Schapiro, our General Manager, decided to bring a unique approach to our customers worldwide. He states: "Think out of the box, understand the complexity of our customers requests and needs, adapting ourselves to our customers based in the vast experience and knowledge of technological solutions around the world as well as developing solutions not only with what they want now, but also predicting their actual and future needs, this mission brings LogicalCommander one step forward" In addition, he says: "Generating an important added value, and reducing costs with very high-end technological solutions, will generate a long term relation with our customers worldwide since building a strong partnership, relationship and trust takes time, but destroying it takes only 2 seconds, so LogicalCommander is compromised on building a long term relationship".


Proudly Over 100,000 Licenses Sold