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Technological Innovation Revolutionizes Internal and Psychosocial Risk Prevention in Companies

Pini Ben David

March 24, 2021

Logical Commander Software is leading a revolution in the prevention of internal and psychosocial risks in organizations by offering disruptive solutions that reduce costs, improve employee safety and productivity, and provide an immediate return on investment.

Logical Commander Software, a prominent Israeli company specializing in SaaS technologies for the Risk, Security, Human Resources, and Health sectors within organizations, is revolutionizing how businesses address internal and psychosocial risks. With years of experience in multiple countries around the world, Logical Commander has developed the first platform capable of detecting, reducing, and preventing internal risks in human capital in real-time.

Internal risks are a common issue for all organizations, ranging from dishonesty and fraud to sexual harassment and extortion, as well as psychosocial risks such as stress and depression. These risks entail significant costs for companies, but Logical Commander is changing the game by detecting, alerting, and preventing these problems non-intrusively and non-violently in real-time. The platform is unique in its ability to reduce costs associated with these risks impressively, up to 98%.

Some global statistics are revealing:

  • Internal Fraud: The average cost per employee per year ranges from $12,000 to $15,000 USD, meaning a company with 100 employees could suffer losses of up to $1.5 million USD annually due to internal fraud.

  • Turnover: On average, 54% of employees stay in their jobs for 3 to 5 months.

  • Poor Performance: In cases of workplace burnout, a company with 100 employees could lose around $1.5 million per year.

  • Internal Theft: Internal theft is one of the leading reasons why 74% of companies worldwide go bankrupt or are liquidated.

  • Detection: Only 12% of corporations worldwide have the ability to detect a risk case after it occurs.

  • Prevention: Effective and proactive prevention can reduce the cost of risk almost entirely. Occupational Health: For every $1 invested in extending the treatment of common mental disorders, there is a $4 return on improved health and productivity.

Until now, the market has been inundated with solutions that neither prevent nor detect, generating significant costs for companies. Logical Commander is the answer to these shortcomings, offering two innovative solutions: RISK-HR and EmoRisk.

RISK-HR focuses on real-time detection and prevention of organizational risks. It recognizes more than 35 different topics and predicts potential risks, from information leaks to sexual harassment and fraud. Each of these risks represents significant costs for organizations, and RISK-HR provides precise indicators to save costs and enhance the capabilities of each organization.

On the other hand, EmoRisk,  focuses on the detection, monitoring, and prevention of psychosocial risks. It monitors employees' emotions in real-time, detecting everything from stress to depression. This enables organizations to reduce stress and burnout, as well as improve employee retention and productivity.

Logical Commander is leading the way in preventing internal and psychosocial risks in organizations, offering disruptive solutions that provide an immediate return on investment and reduce risk costs by over 98%. With happier and more productive employees, organizations can thrive and grow like never before.

Furthermore, the company continues to develop new features to further improve the security and effectiveness of organizations, providing a flexible and precise platform that drives the economic success of its clients.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative technology, you can access the full article at this link.

Or contact us at: marketing@logicalcommander.com

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