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Unleashing the Power of Real-time Risk Detection and Prevention

Safeguard Your Organization from Internal Threats with Advanced Technology

About the system


RISK-HR is a solution based on our emotional voice analysis technology which detects different emotions, stress levels, and cognitive factors in employees through massive reliability assessments which help companies identify and mitigate various types of internal risk immediately.

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RISK-HR's early detection capabilities enable organizations to respond promptly to internal risks. By swiftly identifying patterns indicative of theft, fraud, or compliance breaches, organizations can implement appropriate measures to mitigate risks before they escalate. This timely response minimizes the potential financial, operational, and reputational consequences associated with internal incidents.

By implementing RISK-HR, organizations can gain several valuable benefits, like:

Mass Assessments

RISK-HR enables organizations to conduct comprehensive assessments on a large scale. By leveraging advanced emotional voice analysis technology, the system assesses multiple employees simultaneously, providing efficient and reliable results.

Real-time Alerts

RISK-HR delivers reliable and secure insights into employee behavior in real-time. The platform's alert system empowers management to take immediate action when suspicious behavior is detected, preventing and detecting further incidents.


Identify proactively and address potential issues before they escalate. By ensuring a trustworthy team, you can build a stronger organizational culture, saving your company time, money, and unnecessary challenges.

Risk Management

Our platform includes a robust case management system. It allows your organization's management team to efficiently track and manage investigations related to suspected theft or fraud, ensuring thorough and effective resolution.

Application of RISK-HR assessments:

RISK-HR offers mass evaluations, proactive prevention, real-time alerts, and comprehensive case management. By leveraging these features, organizations can efficiently detect risks, take immediate action, and cultivate a secure and trustworthy work environment.
We focus on three key use cases that empower organizations to investigate, manage, administer, and continuously monitor risks:

RISK-HR Assessments
pre-employment assessments

With profiled control assessments, our system reduces and prevents exposure to various forms of fraud right from the beginning of the hiring process.

By assessing potential employees, we help you make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with fraudulent activities.


Pre-employment Assessments

Periodic RISK-HR evaluations
periodic evaluations

Our profiled assessments detect atypical changes in individuals being evaluated, providing valuable insights into emerging or known risks. By monitoring trends and identifying current risks, you gain a comprehensive and clear vision of where to direct your attention and respond effectively.


Periodic Assessments

Risk-hr evaluations
punctual assessments

Tailored assessments by topics enable targeted risk identification within your company's specific areas, departments, or sectors. These assessments allow you to pinpoint and address risk behaviors unique to certain cases or events, enhancing your risk management efforts.


Specific Assessments

DON'T Underestimate internal risks,
they easily become hidden dangers.

In today's complex business landscape, organizations cannot afford to underestimate the potential risks posed by their own employees. Theft, extortion, information leakage, fraud, and other internal risks can have devastating consequences for businesses of all sizes. Failing to address these risks in a proactive and systematic manner can lead to significant financial losses, damage to reputation, and even legal repercussions.

The organizations' studies reveal that a significant portion of fraud and theft cases within companies are committed by their own employees. 
These acts of internal fraud can result in substantial financial losses for organizations, affecting their bottom line. Among them, reports from Deloitte, PWC, and the World Labor Organization reveal that only 12% of corporations have the ability to autonomously detect risks, with over 60% of detections stemming from internal employee complaints. The average detection, analysis, and investigation process for a single risk case can take a daunting 12 to 27 months, draining valuable resources.

The Cost of Fraud and Underestimation:

cost of fraud

Cases of fraud alone result in costs exceeding $15,000 USD per employee per year, amounting to millions for companies with 100 employees (average loss of USD 1.5 million per year).

No business, including yours, is exempt from the growing threat of fraud. Ignoring or underestimating risks in your environment can lead to severe consequences and financial losses.

Understanding Fraud Perpetrators:

Understand who is the perpetuator.

According to the report issued by the ACFE, 2020 (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), Fraud affects businesses across all levels, with perpetrators found at various positions of authority. Notably, owners and executives commit only 20% of occupational frauds but possess greater control override capabilities and access to organizational assets. Consequently, the average losses caused by these individuals exceed $600,000 USD, surpassing those caused by lower-level managers and employees.

Protect Your Organization with RISK-HR

RISK-HR system

Regardless of the sector, field, or size of your organization, RISK-HR addresses the unique fraud and risk challenges you face. By efficiently identifying and managing risks, you can prevent their escalation, minimizing potential damage.

Our solution enables immediate action against suspected or known risks, without incurring substantial economic impacts, focusing on the health and security of your organization, effectively locating, preventing, monitoring, and reducing internal risks.

Take charge of your risk prevention strategy and protect your assets.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures immediate response to risks at any level, safeguarding your organization's stability and reputation.

“New risks with every new opportunity, and new opportunities with every new risk”

Discover how RISK-HR can transform your risk management approach.

Contact us today for more information on our groundbreaking solution.

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