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Psychosocial Risks in the Workplace: Priority for Employee Well-being

February 24, 2021

The importance of addressing psychosocial risks in the workplace through constant assessment of employees' mental health to ensure their well-being and increase business productivity.

Psychosocial risks in the workplace are a growing concern that affects the emotional and cognitive health of workers. In this context, Dr. Alejandra Goñi, an expert psychologist in the field, highlights the importance of preventing and preempting these risks to ensure a healthy work environment and increase business productivity.

Today's employees are exposed to a range of psychosocial challenges that can have a significant impact on their emotional well-being and their capacity for self-regulation and cognition. Dr. Goñi emphasizes that it is essential to address these issues proactively and that there are effective tools available to do so.

One of the key strategies for addressing psychosocial risks in the workplace is the continuous assessment and monitoring of employees' mental health. This not only contributes to the well-being of employees but can also lead to increased productivity and efficiency in the company.

In this regard, EmoRisk technology has become a pioneering solution for the detection and management of psychosocial risks in the workplace. This innovative tool allows real-time monitoring of emotions, stress, mental load, and other key factors that can affect employee well-being.

Furthermore, EmoRisk also verifies employees' attendance time, contributing to more effective human resource management and the identification of potential issues related to presence and absenteeism in the workplace.

In summary, attention to psychosocial risks in the workplace has become a priority today. Employers have a responsibility to ensure a healthy work environment and provide their employees with the necessary tools to address emotional and cognitive challenges that may arise in the performance of their duties. EmoRisk technology emerges as an innovative solution to tackle these challenges and promote employee well-being while improving business efficiency and productivity.

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