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 Logical Commander Software Ltd is an Israeli company, dedicated to programming, developing, integrating and merging different technologies, advanced algorithms, multiple sensors and data sources from structured and unstructured sources, providing detection, monitoring, risk management and security solutions. We continually innovate cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of threats and prevent them through our solutions.

During processing, the merger and analysis is generated by implementing, developing and relying on:

Big Data, Advanced Algorithms, Advanced Data Processing and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Although we are a young company, we have extensive coverage of our systems, which operate on 5 continents. We enable our clients to improve their capabilities, knowledge and treatment of all known and unknown cases in an outstanding and disruptive way thanks to our latest generation capabilities and technological advances. 

In this way, investment and budget costs in solutions and technologies are reduced over the years, while Logical Commander aims to generate massive savings in annual loss costs for our clients.

 Notes from our CEO

Logical Commander was born from the experience and knowledge of our CEO Matias Schapiro in technological solutions, who after years of successful business in more than 40 countries with governments and private sectors, decided to bring a unique approach to different public and private organizations Throughout the world, by understanding customers' needs and issues, as well as predicting their current and future needs, this mission takes Logical Commander one step further. "In addition, it says:" Generate significant added value and reduce Costs with very high quality technological solutions will generate a long-term relationship with our clients around the world from the creation of a solid association.

Thanks to an expert team in development and technological research with more than 20 years of experience, it has made Logical Commander a leading company in the global market.

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